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Slow, banging & emotional. Get ready for ‘Slow Emotion’!

By 1st August 2016April 8th, 2019No Comments

Do not adjust your settings. Today, channel Giuseppe brings you something – if not completely different, then certainly considerably different…

Slow Emotion’ is a breed apart from anything you’ve heard from the trance titan – or indeed most anyone – before. It bucks several of the laws of the genre’s ‘physics’ (one notable one in particular!), while shining and even more intense light on several others.

Curious? We don’t blame you.

The track came into existence through a flash of Live 2.0-enabled inspiration back around February time. Giuseppe Ottaviani’s technically advanced on-stage concept had struck again, but ‘Slow Emotion’s embryonic twinkling had actually occurred 20 years earlier…

I really enjoyed listening to early trance & progressive music on my portable cassette player when the batteries were low and the reel was playing at a slower speed, Giuseppe explains. “The music developed an intensity and magic of its own. On what were otherwise much faster tracks, there was more time to enjoy each element and each moment. In later years, at home that progressed when I used to experiment by dropping the speed and pitch of vinyl to experience something similar – albeit in a more controlled manner. This new track has really grown out of those times”.

Make no mistake, ‘Slow Emotion’ bangs and bangs hard. Its FX grinds, its supporting sub-riffs are flint-tough and each drum beat & bass wave meets the synapses with forceful resonance. It’s also bangs at a hypnotically slower pace though, dropping the BPM down to a 110-ish thump and allowing every sonic molecule to pop through the speakers with super-enhanced clarity. ‘Slow’ ‘banging’ and ‘emotional’ are this track’s watchwords. Make sure to follow Giuseppe on Spotify to unlock your free download of ‘Slow Emotion‘ on August 2nd.


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