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Saturday May 29th, 2015

Solarstone pres. Pure Trance
Rong @ Venus
Manchester, United Kingdom

You can ‘Lean On Me’

Ah, Spring! That most forward-thinking of seasons and one with which Giuseppe Ottaviani chooses to bid a fond farewell to his ‘Magenta’ years.

With fresh production mind, body & studio soul, ‘Lean On Me’ represents the first new music to come from the multitalented Italian maestro, post the release of his acclaimed sophomore album.

Smells like trance spirit? Of course it does – it’s got Giuseppe Ottaviani’s name on the cover. ‘Lean On Me’ is the globetrotting producer/DJ at his chest-swell best, with a track driven by locomotive beats & that identifiable G.O. bass, all brilliantly leveraged against synths that won’t stop until the job’s done!

Upping its ante further, he’s co-opted the caliente talents of States-based singer/songwriter/DJ Jennifer Rene to the track. Having already brought her top-line magic to music by Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, John O’Callaghan, Roger Shah, Sied van Riel & others, she now adds that vocal allure to ‘Lean On Me’.

Out May 4th on all download portals.

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Giuseppe launches GO ON AIR night at Ministry Of Sound London!

Kicking off the new year with a bang, London’s The Gallery presents Go On Air, hosted by Giuseppe Ottaviani on Friday January 30th 2015. This hallmark event includes for the first time an exclusive DJ set from the host Giuseppe Ottaviani, alongside special guests Sean Tyas, Solarstone, and Sied Van Riel.

Go On Air primarily launched as a radio show in 2009, rising from strength to strength before partnering with Blackhole Recordings to form the Go On Air Recordings label in February 2014. On the launch of the new label, Arny Bink, MD of Black Hole Recordings said: “Giuseppe is one of the most capable, energetic and tuned-in producer/DJs out there. Bringing those talents to the realm of A&R is a very natural next step for him. We are tremendously excited by the first releases he has signed – we see the very brightest of futures ahead for ‘Go On Air’.”

This latest endeavour in to Go On Air events stays true to the brands community roots, streaming live HD video as well as broadcasting on DIFM for six hours from midnight to existing fans throughout the world, with supporting conversation on twitter through @DIRadio, @GOOnAirRec, and hashtag #GOOnAir_London.


From the air to the dance floor
, the Go On Air brand continues to introduce the worlds hottest, newest and most gifted trance exporters with the objective of capturing GOA’s sonic essence. The Go On Air event provides trance lovers with a uniquely immersive live experience, taking them on an engrossing heart-felt journey through a multitudinous variation of trance music. Ottaviani says: “the Go On Air night is a chance for everyone to see and hear me as never before, I can express myself as a DJ by performing a wide range of music, not only my own but also music from the label, and tracks I love to play.

Friday’s line-up also includes Beatport’s “One to Watch”, Sean Tyas. The man behind the Pure Trance movement and several notable labels, Solarstone – and as if that wasn’t enough – Sied Van Riel, hailed by Tiësto as “the hottest producer around”.

Tickets for this monumental event can be purchased HERE

OUT NOW! Giuseppe Ottaviani – Liverpool

The last single to come from the ‘Magenta’ albums’ track run arrives daisy fresh from its summer-released ‘LIVE’ expansion pack. After a raft of vocal & production collaborations with Ferry Corsten, Aly & Fila and a long list of other luminaries, ‘Liverpool’ finds Giuseppe in solo mode… and thunderous form.

‘Magenta’ has been the colour, quickest to the lips to fraternity-trance over the last 24 months. The album marked not only Giuseppe’s sophomore long-player outing, but also the Italian DJ/producer/performer’s second coming.

With ‘Liverpool’ he waves a fond farewell not just to 2014, but also to the last two ‘Magenta’-filled years, with a freight train of a track that out on the floor is conspicuously taking precisely zero prisoners! Front end, ‘Liverpool’ is all tightly coiled tech-trance bristle, with deep, stormy FX, hard-echo sonics and single-minded thrust. Break-side, Giuseppe eases the pressure, brings the strings and opens the track up to a more rapturous sign-off.

Less rapture, more straight-up raptor, Standerwick’s Remix goes airborne inside the first minute! Recently named one of DJ Mag six to watch in trance over the coming year, the English producer lets rip with a broadside of synth bass and ballistics, the likes of which the floor may never fully recover from!


01: Giuseppe Ottaviani – ‘Liverpool’ (Original Mix)

02: Giuseppe Ottaviani – ‘Liverpool’ (Standerwick Remix)

Out now on December 22nd as Beatport Exclusive on Black Hole Recordings

Sean Tyas & Giuseppe Ottaviani – Plan B

Plan B

What is the result when two trance masterminds collaborate? Well, it’s called ‘Plan B’, a stunning track that’ll grab you right from the start with its fierce, driving beat. Sean Tyas and Giuseppe Ottaviani, who last collaborated on Arcaboleno in 2012, will definitely impress you with this new release on GO On Air Recordings, as ‘Plan B’ can righteously be called a trance anthem that is going to enchant large crowds all over the globe. The track was also exclusively featured on the latest GO On Air compilation in October.

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Giuseppe Ottaviani presents GO On Air (2CD mix compilation)

The brainchild of producer, composer and impresario Giuseppe Ottaviani, over the last five years the GO On Air’s multi-span platform has expanded to encompass a weekly radio show/podcast, mix-albums and club nights – all mandated to bring the best of the current/future best to electronic music fans.

In February of this year, in a new progression to its line, Ottaviani opened GO On Air’s label division. In, but a few short months, release-by-release, GO On Air Recordings’ following has built exponentially. Drawing glowing praise and plaudit in the process, its releases have routinely drawn ovation-like responses from DJs, fans and the media alike. Of late it’s triggered one of the UK’s best known dance publications to question whether GO On Air Recordings could even be “The label debut of 2014?”

Now, to sign-off on its astonishing creation year, Ottaviani delivers fans old and new GO ON’s new mix-comp proposition. Assiduously A&R’d throughout the summer months, it contains an extraordinary 30 never-previously-heard tracks. Also on board is audio from the scene’s big hitters, including Aly & Fila, John O’Callaghan, Roger Shah, Sied van Riel, Sean Tyas, Giuseppe himself (naturally!) and many others. Showcasing the label’s A/W 2014/2015 music collection, across two exceptional discs and mixes, this is exclusive-packed music mix-comp that dares to bottle lightning and touch trance’s third rail.


Pre-order Giuseppe Ottaviani Presents GO On Air through iTunes now and receive three bonus tracks, 2 instant-grat tracks and a special pre-order only track with your purchase. Full details here:

Regarding the label’s establishment, Giuseppe said: “GO On Air Recordings had been in my mind for such a long time. It just required the right set of circumstances and the right point in my career to push ahead with it. That happened in 2014. What I wanted with GO On Air Recordings is a natural continuation of GO On Air Radio’s policy: music that speaks to me, and I know will speak to my fans”

Of the album, Ottaviani continues: “I couldn’t have dreamed of a better response to our first releases. With those ‘foundations’ in place though, now comes time for the ‘cement’! I believe the tracks we have signed for this album will demonstrate that GO On Air Recordings can become a world-class platform to release on. You’re going to be hearing a lot from the label over the coming months. But you’re not going to hear it anywhere earlier than here!

GO On’s M.O. is an acutely balanced blend, mixing known names, a smattering of judiciously rebooted classics and a notable focus on pinpointing tomorrow’s stars. With all four fingers on the pulse of the scene’s most gifted nu-bloods, for the album it’s inked their finest fresh from the studio desk. The production names you may just be starting to hear about; their music though speaks plenty loud for itself.

In terms of what to expect, we’ll defer to the dance press, who across the last six GO On Recs months have variously described the label’s music as everything from “thrilling” to “thunderous”, “cool” to “a masterstroke” and quite simply “Winner”!

As the curtain goes up on the first mix, Giuseppe scene-sets with the atmospherically melodic trifecta of Matt Holliday’s ‘New Leaf’, ‘A New Hope’ from Oskar Sawicki and Ilya Syntez’s ‘Awakening’. Further in, deeper prog-trance waits in the wings, with Denis Sender & Rafael Osmo ‘Arrive’, recent GO On release ‘The Discovery’ (from Canada’s Somna), Dawn’s ‘The Things We Never See’ and others make the midrange rock and the bass shake. Vocally the album is also profuse, with Alex Staltari turn on Misja Helsloot’s ‘Inevitable’, Paul Legvand’s ‘I Miss You’ and John Mash feat Ariette Florence’s ‘Melancholia’ all letting the singers do what they were put here to do.

Mix 2 rolls out some bigger name guns, as recent John O’Callaghan smash ‘Games‘, Aly & Fila & Roger Shah’s FSOE350 anthem ‘Eye 2 Eye’, Sied Van Riel ‘8 Decades’ and others all find their way under Giuseppe’s laser. Uplifting euphorica is likewise never far from his CDJs… Ciaran McAuley’s ‘It Doesn’t Rain Forever’, the Tiff Lacey-sung / Sygma-produced ‘Way of Dreams’, Warren Adam’s ‘A1 day’ and Alex Ender ‘Treacherous’ all sealing in its numerous highs along the way.

Man of the Match Giuseppe also lends his maestro-like production touch at regular mix-waypoints. Drawing the first disc to a close, you’ll find his Sean Tyas’s collab ‘Plan B’, whilst opening the second is ‘The Silence Of Time’ alongside fellow countryman Andrea Mazza. For trance classicists there’s something extra special too: a fresh G.O. revision of 4 Strings’ timeless ‘Into The Night’.

A genuine feat of A&R engineering, ‘GO ON Air’ super-impressive recent, thrilling present and so, so bright future are all here, on one sensational album. It’s available from all good stores from October 13th.

STOP PRESS: GO On Air Radio Moves To DI.FM!

This October 6th, the GO On Air Radio show will be relocating to DI.FM. Now positioned in its new 7PM CET time slot each Monday it will kick off with a monster GO On Air Special on October 13th. Dually celebrating the DI.FM move and the release of the album, make sure you tune in and catch all the music, action & latest info!


Disc 01

01. Matt Holliday – New Leaf (Intro Mix)
02. Oskar Sawicki – A New Hope
03. Ilya Syntez – Awakening
04. Denis Sender & Rafael Osmo – Arrive
05. Dawn – The Things We Never See
06. Misja Helsloot feat. Alex Staltari – Inevitable)
07. Floe – Metroplex (Giuseppe Ottaviani Fix)
08. Pacific Nation – Waterfall
09. Narayana – Electra
10. Alex Wackii & Johann Stone – Frisland
11. Burak & Emre – Reveal Yourself
12. Gordey Tsukanov – Karundo
13. Pierre Pienaar & Dirkie Coetzee feat. Ridgwalkers – Frozen Winter (Dirkie Coetzee Remix)
14. Somna – The Discovery
15. Paul Legvand – I Miss You
16. John Mash feat. Ariette Florence – Melancholia (Giuseppe Ottaviani Fix)
17. Colonial One feat. Eva Kade – Where You Are
18. Sean Tyas & Giuseppe Ottaviani – Plan B

Disc 02

01. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Andrea Mazza – The Silence Of Time
02. Alex Ender – Treacherous
03. Matt Chowski – Desire
04. Rene Ablaze feat. Crystal Blakk – See Mee (Original Bangin’ Mix)
05. Matt Eray – Sun In The Morning
06. 4 Strings – Into The Night (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
07. Ula – Road To Nowhere (Chris Metcalfe Remix)
08. Ciaran McAuley – It Doesn’t Rain Forever (Giuseppe Ottaviani Fix)
09. John O’Callaghan & Jennifer Rene – Games (Standerwick Remix)
10. WeAreAliens – Outcast (Giuseppe Ottaviani Fix)
11. Aly & Fila meets Roger Shah feat. Sylvia Tosun – Eye 2 Eye (Extended Mix)
12. Sied Van Riel feat. Adina Butar – 8 Decades (First Effect Remix)
13. Sygma & Tiff Lacey – Way of Dreams (Marco Bragadin Trance Mix)
14. Warren Adam – A1 Day
15. Dark Fusion feat. Amy Kirkpatrick – Red Sky
16. Peter Santos – Under The Same Sky
17. Sunset feat. Love Dimension – I Just Wanna Dream (Giuseppe Ottaviani Fix)

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