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Friday February 12th, 2016

United Kingdom

Giuseppe takes matters into his own hands with the On Air Mix of ‘In Your Arms’

In the late spring of 2015, Paul van Dyk brought the electronic music world his third generation of dancefloor ‘Politics’. Through his “captivating” (MIXMAG), “10/10” (FAZE Mag) seventh studio album, in equal measure he enthralled fans and delighted the music press. Containing many a new PvD classic-in-the-making, ‘The Politics Of Dancing 3’ also set in motion the globe-spanning POD3 LIVE tour, which, to-date has reached 30 shores or more.

Now, bridging the gap between the album’s release-year and the next phase of ‘Politics 3’, Paul caps off 2015 with a triple pack of ‘POD3’ remixes. December 11th will see Aly & Fila, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Liquid Soul rewire, to outstanding effect, ‘Heart Like An Ocean’, ‘In Your Arms’ and ‘City Of Sound’.

For the EP’s ‘In Your Arms’ interpretation, the track’s co-producer, Giuseppe Ottaviani takes matters into his own hands. Having already worked his magic on recent single ‘Lights’ (which DJ Mag scored “9/10” and gave Single of the Month honours to), here the Italian affects a second, supremely uplifting strike of his mix-lightning.

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Giuseppe unveils his ‘LIVE 2.0′ show concept at EDC Mexico!



Electronic dance music producer Giuseppe Ottaviani will unveil the first full production of his new ‘Live 2.0’ show concept at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Mexico on February 28th, 2016. The Live 2.0 concept is an evolution of his previous ‘Live 1.0’ performance concept wherein he recreated his original productions using live instruments onstage. Dance music fans can also catch Ottaviani’s Live 2.0 performance at a number of large outdoor festivals throughout 2016.

Some may consider Giuseppe Ottaviani a mad scientist. Some consider him a music obsessive. One thing’s for certain: the Italian-born collaborator who is a favorite of producers the likes of Paul van Dyk cares more about music than almost any other aspect of his daily life. Giuseppe Ottaviani is the musician’s musician.

To think outside-the-box as a live performer, Ottaviani decided to scale his hardware to fit squarely inside a box. Doing so ensures that each venue – be it a major outdoor festival or a darkened nightclub – will meet the exacting performance standards Ottaviani requires with virtually no changeover time and no chance for rigging errors. Said Ottaviani, “Afterwards, I can just pack up my suitcase and get on the next flight!”

As a performer, Ottaviani is not a DJ and has never considered himself to be one. In fact, he is actually more of a live musician than a DJ. The lines of his Live 2.0 stage setup are as clean and sleek as his music is spontaneous and robust, with each note played a result of inspiration gleaned from the crowd surrounding him. Ottaviani’s custom equipment setup may seem deceptively unassuming, though the aural mayhem he wreaks is anything but.

One of the elements that sets Giuseppe Ottaviani apart from most electronic dance music DJs is that he plays only his own music, his own remixes and his own bootlegs. Ottaviani’s live setup involves keyboards, MIDI controllers and rapid access to not only every track and song he’s ever recorded, but to the stems of every track he’s ever recorded. He also has access to an extensive sound library during live performances and this allows him to push his shows even further. With the Live 2.0 setup, Ottaviani is now able to incorporate layers of sound so that he is actually creating new music in real-time. The resulting symphony consists of dancefloor-shaking original Ottaviani productions with live elements – strings, keys, percussion or effects, played spontaneously – so that no two shows are identical. Audience members won’t see posing or guzzling of cocktails during an Ottaviani set; his mind and his hands are too busy devising new music on-the-fly. Together with the crowd, Giuseppe Ottaviani will be living the moment and having an intricate musical dialogue with his crowd each night.

With the new Live 2.0 setup, Ottaviani will embark upon an entirely new way of performing that’s not been attained by other EDM artists. After this point, there will be no turning back

Giuseppe teams up with Sneijder for ‘Nero’

What happens when the Italian master of trance teams up with one of Ireland’s most in demand DJ’s of the moment? Well, you get a track like ‘Nero’ in which they give the retro trance sound a definite 2015 coating. It’s turbulent, and fierce, yet also contains a not to miss musical spark. It’s a tune that will drag you onto the dance floor to lift you up and not let go for a while. That’s some must-have material on GO On Air!

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Giuseppe Ottaviani – Crossing Lights

Being one of the absolute highlights on the forthcoming Subculture The Residents: Volume Two, Giuseppe Ottaviani’s Crossing Lights is one of those tracks which stands out by sheer originality. Finding his inspiration after actually sampling the crossing lights when on tour in Australia, Giuseppe created a techtrance tune which brings out the tougher side of the Italian maestro. Though resonating some of the classic techno in its production, Crossing Lights is a track for the here and now. Essential.

Out now on Beatport & iTunes, or listen on Spotify here.

Celebrating 15YRS of Goodgreef with ‘Encore’

On September 7th saw the release of Giusseppe’s new single on his own GO On Air Recordings label. ‘Encore’ was especially produced as an anthem to celebrate 15 years of legendary UK club brand Goodgreef.


15 years on and former Mixmag Club of the Year Goodgreef is still one of the UKs leading clubbing brands that Giuseppe has been associated with and performing at for over a decade. Goodgreef and Giuseppe together have covered every major town and city in the UK and Ireland where Goodgreef can be found regularly touring around the UK’s finest venues and festivals including Creamfields, Mint Festival, Victoria Warehouse, The Albert Hall, Sankeys, The Warehouse Project in Manchester, The Arches Glasgow, Digital Newcastle and Mint Warehouse Leeds amongst others as well as infamous events held in the early years at the late Tall Trees in Yarm & Philips Park Hall in Manchester, where it all began. You can catch Giuseppe play in Brighton, Manchester and London later this year as part of the 15YRS Goodgreef tour, head over to the tour dates to find out more!

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