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If there was a more fleshed out and complete electronic music experience in 2022 than ‘Horizons’, honestly, we’d love to know what it was! Heralded by its trailblazing singles runs, Giuseppe’s album project came to own last year’s creative space, with its editions perfectly daisy-chaining its 365.

With faultless timing, that was punctuated by [Part 3], which arrived in mid-December, delivering (as promised throughout ‘Horizons’ course) no less than 15 OnAir rebuilds of its tracks. More of which later, but first let’s review exactly how ‘Horizons’ shook out throughout 2022!

As is now well stated, lockdown provided the first inspirational gleaming for ‘Horizons’ non-club-centric natures. That, in itself, was a significant branch out for Giuseppe – a music maker who in the minds of most, would rank amongst the scene’s most floor-forward.

From the get-go, Giuseppe was always at pains to correctly frame the project for what it was, asserting that it was a “modification”, and potentially a one-album-one at that. “Change, he observed at the time, had become the ‘constant’, and as such, that was always going to be reflected in ‘Horizons’”. What that “modification” meant in real terms was “music produced with less of a clubfloor focus to it. Adaptable, certainly”, he suggested, “but at this moment in time, not reliant-upon.”

If there were any doubters as to quite how emphatically Giuseppe would nail this premise, they were surely cast to the wind by its opening singles. With the artistic taps wide-open, ‘Horizons’ productions became an outpour. To such a degree in fact, that it quickly spilled the banks of the conventional album runtime and – intuitively enough – was divided into two. Through its advance-word singles, ‘Horizons [Part 1]’ had already outlined its cooler, deeper, more mindful tone to fans. That – often for the first time – has brought voices known first & foremost to other electronic music quarters to trance’s door. Among them have been songstresses like Monika Santucci, April Bender, Mila Josef and Natalie Shay. Giuseppe also drew on deeper tones from vocalists like Jan Burton and Dan Soleil, all of whom collectively shaped ‘Horizons’ unique sound. Capping off a textbook first half-year, [Part 1] arrived present and more than correct on May 20, 2022.

Some might imagine that the pressure was now on to make good on the promise of two albums in a year and complete ‘Horizons’. Giuseppe however had already laid down the frameworks for so many of its tracks, that accomplishing it became something close to a slam dunk.

No sooner had [Part 1] turned to face summer ‘22’s sun, than [Part 2]’s productions began to pop. In short order, the Richard Walters-sung ‘Keep You Safe’, ‘Won’t Matter Much’ feat. Treetalk and Giuseppe’s reunion with Christian Burns on ‘Closer’ assailed station playlists. Into the autumn and Jess Ball and Katrine Stenbekk turns on (respectively) ‘Silhouettes & Outlines’ and ‘Bittersweet’ heralded the Swiss-like timing of [Part 2]’s November 11 arrival.

As mentioned above, Giuseppe stated from its day-one outset that ‘Horizons’ emphasis lay away from the dancefloor, but that he saw all its productions as wholly adaptable. Given that the project’s timeline ran so cleanly, perhaps there should be little surprise that Giuseppe delivered on that before time was called on 2022. Capping off one of the most extraordinary (and preconception-conquering!) years of his career, Giuseppe served ‘Horizons [Part 3]’ (aka The OnAir Mixes) on Dec 16.

As a result, from the hands of the master, clubbed-up remakes of ‘With You’, ‘Hero’, ‘Fade Away’, ‘The Wind’, ‘Replay’, ‘Fahrenheit’, ‘Closer’, ‘Melody’ and many more beside are available now. The full-stop to one of the most extraordinary album stories of recent years, you can complete your ‘Horizons’ experience with [Part 3] today.

Meantime, if there’s truly anyone out there wagering that Giuseppe isn’t at this very moment plotting his next musical chess move … well, we’ll take that bet!

Download or Stream:

Horizons Part 1

Horizons Part 2

Horizons Part 3

Giuseppe Ottaviani – Horizons Tracklist:

01. With You (with Monika Santucci)
02. Hero (with Dan Soleil)
03. Something I Can Dream About (with April Bender)
04. Fade Away (with Mila Josef)
05. The Wind in Your Face
06. Replay (with Natalie Shay)
07. Colour Me (with Jan Burton)
08. Fahrenheit
09. Tree of Souls (with Hypaton)
10. Closer (with Christian Burns)
11. Melody (with Sarah de Warren)
12. Keep You Safe (wih Richard Walters)
13. Under Dark Skies
14. Bittersweet (with Katrine Stenbekk)
15. Silhouettes & Outlines (with Jess Ball)
16. Celsius
17. Freedom (with Sue McLaren)
18. Won’t Matter Much (with Treetalk)

Giuseppe Ottaviani – Horizons [Part 3] Tracklist:

01. With You (with Monika Santucci) (OnAir Mix) (3:44)
02. Hero (with Dan Soleil) (OnAir Mix) (3:50)
03. Something I Can Dream About (with April Bender) (OnAir Mix) (3:44)
04. Fade Away (with Mila Josef) (OnAir Mix) (3:41)
05. The Wind in Your Face (OnAir Mix) (3:39)
06. Replay (with Natalie Shay) (OnAir Mix) (3:44)
07. Colour Me (with Jan Burton) (OnAir Mix) (3:38)
08. Fahrenheit (OnAir Extended Mix) (3:44)
9. Closer (with Christian Burns) (OnAir Mix) (3:44)
10. Melody (with Sarah de Warren) (OnAir Mix) (3:40)
11. Keep You Safe (with Richard Walters) (OnAir Mix) (3:36)
12. Silhouettes & Outlines (with Jess Ball) (OnAir Mix) (3:27)
13. Celsius (OnAir Mix) (3:29)
14. Freedom (with Sue McLaren) (OnAir Mix) (3:44)
15. Won’t Matter Much (with Treetalk) (OnAir Mix) (3:39)