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Last year, through his sixth artist album, electronic music legend Paul van Dyk changed up perceptions of the PvD sound, wholesale. Now that ‘the originals’ have been established, the time has come to let the remixers speak as Paul’s evolution becomes an out‐and‐out revolution! Handpicked by the man himself ‐ from the ready‐to‐break to the firmly established ‐ the remix gathering has assembled. Let the reworks begin!

Naturally, the original versions of EVOLUTION’s tracks were my and my co‐producers visions. To‐date, the singles have brought some wonderful, creative remixes with them – ones that blew me away when I heard them and which I played in‐club and on the radio throughout 2012. They were the seeds for this album; now is the right time to push the boundaries of ‘EVOLUTION’ that bit further” – Paul van Dyk, Berlin, January 2013.

Giuseppe takes control of ‘Lost In Berlin’ with the redolunt tones of Michelle Leonard building it up into a mainline titan with his take on the original version of this track which can found on the album, as well as the brand new remix by Robert Mint of Paul & Giuseppe’s ‘ A Wonderful Day ‘ which is out now on Vandit Records. Comprising 17 fresh‐off‐the‐desk reworks from a full company of van Dyk’s fellow production studionauts, this is where evolution ends and full‐scale revolution breaks out.


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