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Friday June 23rd, 2017

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New GO On Air show kicks off with Live 2.0 Buenos Aires set

Full HD video of Buenos Aires set now available on YouTube

On Monday June 19th, Giuseppe Ottaviani kicked off his rebranded GO On Air show, with a 1 hour excerpt of his set at Groove, Buenos Aires. By doing so, he gave his worldwide fanbase the chance to experience one of his Live 2.0 sets and feel part of it. The new GO On Air show will air every third Monday of the month at 18.00 (CET), via or live on Ottaviani’s Facebook.

The Buenos Aires set is now available on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, iTunes or as a Full HD video on YouTube.

Giuseppe Ottaviani rebrands GO On Air

Italian producer, live act & label owner defies the standards

After one year of globe-trotting the musical stages with his Live 2.0 act, Giuseppe Ottaviani has announced his next musical revolution. Defying the standards, he brings an all-new and improved radio show to life, challenging his fan base to think outside the box. Ottaviani’s GO On Air radio show – which is broadcasted by over 50 radio stations around the world – morphs into a monthly, multi-media show connected to his Live 2.0 experience. “It’s all about living in the moment”, Giuseppe Ottaviani states.

With Live 2.0 shows in Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Japan, USA, UK, Germany, The Netherlands and many more countries to name, thousands of fans have witnessed his unique, on-the-go live set. They’ve seen the birth of certain tracks, were the beholders of live edits and bootlegs and became part of a special moment – with Giuseppe behind a suitcase of technology, providing musical bliss. A thought provoking concept, that has now inspired the classically trained producer to link his radio show to that same, unique experience. How? Read on to find out.
GO On Air
Updating the classic radio show formula to meet tomorrow’s standards, GO On Air will change from a weekly into a monthly show, with an hour excerpt of one of Giuseppe’s Live 2.0 sets. With audio and HD video recorded all across the globe, listeners will get a taste of the real live experience. GO On Air will have an audio broadcast via every third Monday of the month at 18.00 (CET), along with a live video broadcast via Ottaviani’s Facebook. The complete Live 2.0 set of which the show is made of, will be available on Ottaviani’s YouTube the following day, synched with the podcast.

“This rebranding makes so much sense to me. It all connects to my Live 2.0 concept, inviting fans to live in the moment, think outside the box and be part of something unique – all while making use of today’s technology. I can’t wait for this new adventure to begin.” Giuseppe Ottaviani

For more info, check out and follow Giuseppe Ottaviani on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Giuseppe gives you relentless energy with ‘Countdown’ (OnAir Mix)

Giuseppe Ottaviani’s ‘Alma’ album brought out many a new production angle (as well as some previously hidden depths) to the Italian’s studio work. Crucially though, it never left the floor wanting – something no better illustrated than through ‘Countdown’s relentless energy.

Six months on from his third, widely praised longplayer, Giuseppe’s zeroed back in on ‘Countdown’, giving it arguably his most unforgettable (but certainly most blistering!) On Air uptick to date.

Official Music Video

Fierce of tempo, broodily intense of tone, his rebuild begins precisely as it means to continue. 303-bred LFO stalks the kind of drums that resonate far beyond darkest corners of the club. Coiling its atmosphere tighter, pre-drop, the pitch wheel flies; distortion frays and ‘Countdown’ vents industrious levels of FX hiss.

In the break, Giuseppe eases back on the tension just a touch, neatly playing it off against analogue synths, top end chime and a mainline that – deliriously – will circle your brain for hours.

Countdown’s clock’s reached zero; experience Giuseppe’s On Air masterstroke for yourself here

Giuseppe remixes ‘Forever And A Day’

This authentic trance masterpiece from the Grotesque Music label boss RAM featuring the unique voice of Stine Grove gets a brilliant remix treatment from the talented Giuseppe Ottaviani; he delivers an amazingly uplifting remix with a dreamy synthline guiding throughout the whole tune until the beat drops.

Out now on Grotesque Music, buy it here

Giuseppe Ottaviani ft Tricia McTeague – Loneliest Night

Piercing. Fierce. Anthemic. When it comes to lasting music that’s thematically soaring, Italian electronic musician Giuseppe Ottaviani has a master’s touch. The fourth and latest single from Ottaviani’s third full-length studio album, Alma, is titled “Loneliest Night,” a full-throated song. Giuseppe Ottaviani featuring Tricia McTeague’s “Loneliest Night” is out on January 27th.

As a live performer, Giuseppe Ottaviani is deft at crafting emotionally involved sonic sojourns within the confines of a dancefloor. Bending and manipulating aural frequencies to elicit the desired rapture, he weaves complex layers of sound in ways not easily described. Though he is extremely skilled at evoking fantastic journeys of the mind through music, he is also surprisingly gifted at composing songs with proper vocals, as with this latest effort. “Loneliest Night” is trance, but it’s a song nevertheless intended for radio. The single hails from Ottaviani’s third and latest full-length studio album, Alma, an LP released in September of last year. Alma consists of brand-new Ottaviani music with a little help from longtime collaborator Paul van Dyk, as well as from Christian Burns and Kyler England. Alma was the result of a two-year artistic journey that saw Ottaviani stretching beyond the ease of his familiar style.

From the get-go, a shimmery melodic synthesizer riff on the intro instantly grabs one’s attention. It’s simply gorgeous. Then, a series of gentle, harmonic piano chords enter as the bassline builds to a crescendo and the 4/4 beat crests simultaneously with McTeague’s vocal. What’s striking is the way McTeague hits the high notes inside the chorus. Listeners will fall in love with the repeated harmonious refrain that reappears as a constant throughout the song. There will be four versions of “Loneliest Night” released after the Album Mix: the Extended Mix, Radio Edit, OnAir Mix and Tenishia Remix. The OnAir is scheduled for a February 17th release, with the Tenishia remix completing the package early March.

Get it here:

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